"Wookie Research Team" Embroidered Morale Patch

F-Bomb Morale Gear

$ 8.95

Introducing the "Wookie Research Team" Morale Patch – where the legendary Bigfoot meets a galaxy far, far away! This hilarious and unique patch combines the enigmatic allure of Sasquatch with the beloved Wookie warrior, Chewbacca, resulting in a patch that's sure to be a conversation starter and a fan favorite.

Sporting the iconic Bigfoot pose, Chewbacca trades his usual bowcaster for a moment in the forest, making this patch the ultimate crossover between mythical creature enthusiasts and Star Wars fans alike. After all, who better to represent the elusive Bigfoot than our favorite intergalactic Wookie co-pilot?

This comical patch is made from high-quality materials and features a hook backing for easy attachment to vests, hats, bags, or any gear that could use a touch of Bigfoot-meets-Chewbacca humor. Whether you're a dedicated cryptid hunter or just a fan of Chewbacca's legendary roar, this patch is a must-have addition to your collection.

Join the "Wookie Research Team" today and let the world know that you're on the lookout for both hairy giants – whether they roam the forests of Earth or the galaxy beyond. Keep your eyes peeled, and may the force (and the footprints) be with you!

  • 100% Embroidered.
  • VELCRO ® backing. attaches to any loop panel. Loop panel also included. Perfect for your hat, backpack, or gear.
  • Merrow Edges (Enclosed Border) which are long lasting and highly durable.
  • Size: 3 inches


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