Morale Patches

Alright, listen up you motherfckers! Since the goddamn dawn of the 20th century, morale patches have been a crucial part of the American military uniform during combat, from trench warfare in France to modern-day warfare. These fcking patches represent the heart and perseverance of military personnel and their goddamn esprit de corps in all types of combat conditions.

And now, these morale patches have become some sick ass collector's items, even used by law enforcement and civilians. F*ckin' A, even F-Bomb Morale Gear has got in on the action with their badass Velcro morale patches.

So what the fck are morale patches, you ask? It's a small strip of fabric with a badass insignia, logo, letters, or quote sewn onto a soldier's uniform, representing their fcking unit and building that goddamn esprit de corps.

This sht wasn't always around though. Before World War I, American military uniforms had jack sht beyond rank on their sleeves. But then the US Army 81st Division Wildcats said fck that and put in a formal request for a patch to honor their division. And soon enough, all divisions were rocking their own fcking patches. The most badass one from that era was the patch created by the 1st Division, the "Big Red 1," which is still the oldest surviving insignia for any division. And let's not forget the f*cking Screaming Eagle Badge of the 101st Airborne, using the "Old Abe" eagle head mascot from the Civil War.

World War II brought even more f*cking patches, adding a unique sense of identification for the units serving in the field. And during the Vietnam War, soldiers started making their own non-sanctioned patches to represent their participation in battles and unofficial units or associations within their unit.

Today, morale patches are still badass as ever. And it all started with those f*cking US Navy pilots who shot down two Libyan Su-22s in 1981 over the Gulf of Sidra. The "Anytime Baby...!" patch for their flight suits commemorated the event and set the goddamn precedent for current patch designs.

So if you wanna represent your fcking unit and show off your badass esprit de corps, get yourself some goddamn morale patches! F-Bomb Morale Gear has a sht ton of designs that you can attach to your clothing or equipment with Velcro, so you can slap 'em on or rip 'em off whenever the f*ck you want.