About Us

F-Bomb Morale Gear strives to bring you unique and entertaining morale gear.  I've spent the last eighteen years working in a Military / Law enforcement capacity and as anyone in this line of work knows each incident helps shape your personality.  Good, bad or indifferent, we are who we are.  Our sense of humor is not always same as others around us, and we are not afraid to let others know how we feel about things.  I've developed F-Bomb Morale Gear to do just that... Let others know how I feel.  To wear my heart on my sleeve, if you will, in the form of a morale patch, a tee-shirt etc. and to realize that sometimes it just feels good to drop the F-Bomb.

Mission statement

To honor, empower, motivate and entertain those who serve, allowing them to share their attitudes, opinions, and beliefs with others through wearable graphic designs.