"Squirter" PVC Morale Patch

F-Bomb Morale Gear

$ 8.95

Introducing the "Squirter" PVC Morale Patch from F-Bomb Morale Gear, a cheeky and irreverent take on the classic Squirt soda logo that's sure to bring a smirk to your face and raise a few eyebrows. Perfect for those with a twisted sense of humor, this patch pushes the boundaries of good taste while maintaining an undeniable charm that's hard to resist.

Dubbed "The Thirst Quencher" with tongue firmly planted in cheek, this patch is designed to keep spirits high and laughter flowing, even in the most challenging circumstances. Made from durable PVC material, this patch is not only bold and hilarious, but also resistant to liquids and built to withstand whatever misadventures come your way.

Ideal for those who appreciate risqué humor and don't take themselves too seriously, the "Squirter" patch is a bold statement that's guaranteed to turn heads and spark conversation. With its PVC construction, you can be sure that this little conversation starter will stay looking fresh and vibrant, no matter how wild things get.

So go ahead, add the "Squirter" PVC Morale Patch to your collection and let it serve as a wickedly funny reminder that sometimes, it's okay to let your hair down and indulge in a little off-color humor. With this patch, you're not only showcasing your edgy sense of humor, but you're also embracing the freedom to express yourself and have a little fun in the process. After all, life's too short to be uptight all the time!

  • 3D PVC Morale Patch
  • VELCRO® Brand hook backing
  • Size: Approximately  4" x 2"

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