"I Drank Today" Embroidered Morale Patch

F-Bomb Morale Gear

$ 9.98

  • 100% Embroidered Tactical Morale Patch for Military, Police, Airsoft, EDC or anyone looking for something original.
  • VELCRO brand backing attaches to any loop panel. Perfect for your hat, backpack, or gear.
  • Merrow Edges (Enclosed Border) which are long lasting and highly durable.
  • Available only from F-Bomb Morale Gear
  • Size: 3 inches

It’s easy enough to say you’re going to the bar, but nobody is really tracking whether you did or not… until now. Show the world you drank today, and encourage your friends and family to drink too. Just like the “I Voted Today” sticker we are hoping the social pressure will increase participation.

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