"Heavily Armed - Easily Pissed" Morale Patch

F-Bomb Morale Gear

$ 9.98

Introducing the "Heavily Armed - Easily Pissed" Morale Patch from F-Bomb Morale Gear, a no-nonsense emblem that boldly showcases your commitment to the Second Amendment and your no-holds-barred attitude. Featuring a striking silhouette of an AR15 and the attention-grabbing text "Heavily Armed - Easily Pissed," this patch is the ultimate statement piece for those who take their right to bear arms and their personal boundaries seriously.

Perfect for gun enthusiasts, patriots, and anyone with a low tolerance for nonsense, this patch serves as a not-so-subtle warning to those who might cross your path. Wear it proudly on your gear to let everyone know that you're not only well-armed, but also unafraid to stand your ground when it comes to defending your rights and your personal space.

So go ahead, add the "Heavily Armed - Easily Pissed" Morale Patch to your collection, and make a powerful statement about your unwavering dedication to self-defense and your unwillingness to be pushed around. With this patch, you're not only asserting your constitutional rights, but also reminding everyone that you're a force to be reckoned with – and not to be taken lightly.

  • 100% Embroidered
  • VELCRO® Brand hook backing
  • Size: 3" x 1.5”

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