"DTOM - Don't Tread On Me" - PVC Morale Patch

F-Bomb Morale Gear

$ 9.98

Introducing the "DTOM - Don't Tread On Me" PVC Morale Patch from F-Bomb Morale Gear, a bold and striking emblem of freedom and unwavering devotion to the cause of liberty. This unique patch proudly displays the powerful message "DTOM - Don't Tread On Me" along with the resolute phrase "Liberty or Death," serving as a potent reminder of the values that make our nation great.

Crafted from durable PVC, this morale patch is designed to stand the test of time, whether you're hitting the range or facing the elements. Its eye-catching design and strong statement make it the perfect accessory for those who cherish their independence and refuse to be trampled upon.

Wear the "DTOM - Don't Tread On Me" PVC Morale Patch proudly on your gear to showcase your unyielding support for individual liberties and your unwavering commitment to the fight for freedom. With this patch, you're not only standing up for your rights but also uniting with your fellow patriots in a powerful display of solidarity and shared determination.

So go ahead, affix the "DTOM - Don't Tread On Me" PVC Morale Patch to your gear and let it serve as a beacon of liberty, a testament to your commitment to the cause, and a rallying cry for all those who value freedom above all else.

  • 3D PVC Morale Patch
  • VELCRO® Brand hook backing
  • Size: Approximately 3" x 2"

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