"Rub Some Dirt On It" Compact Version - Morale Patch

F-Bomb Morale Gear

$ 8.95

The compact and cheeky "Rub Some Dirt On It" mini morale patch from F-Bomb Morale Gear, tailor-made for your IFAK or first aid kit! This pint-sized powerhouse of hilarity serves as a tongue-in-cheek reminder that not every scrape or bruise needs a full-blown medical intervention. With its perfect fit and bold design, this little dirt-slinger lets you flaunt your hardcore, dirt-embracing, no-nonsense attitude in a space-saving package. Slap it on your first aid kit and show everyone that you've got a sense of humor as strong as your immune system. So, the next time life hands you a minor bump or scratch, just remember: Rub Some Dirt On It and keep on rollin'!  Because everything stops bleeding eventually. 
  • 100% Woven 
  • VELCRO® Brand hook backing
  • Size: 4” X 1.75"



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